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My name is Mike Lewis and NifftyStuff.com is my home page. I am a professional writer. What does that mean? I have some blogs where I post writey stuff. A twitter account where I post linky stuff and political stuff and stupid jokes. I also wrote a pretty good essay in a pretty good book. You should totally buy it.

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 Please Tell Me What You Did in School!

This summer, Rooney would tell me all sorts of amazing mixed up stories about the adventures he would go on with Callahan, or is friends Doctor Penguin and Elephoo. The stories would become stranger and stranger has he strung words together. His mouth would get ahead of his brain. Words or whole phrases would become babble and all of a sudden the story would shift to a half remembered memory of a trip to the mall of three weeks ago

Dumb Dad Not Can Not be Bothered Help Kid

Some  us spent most of elementary school missing lunch and recess taking and retaking times tests because we had failed to memorize our 8's. So make your jokes about how you don't understand ten-frames and number lines and go fuck yourself. Let your kids learn and your kids teachers teach. 

Landing Mining: Shitty Marketing's Future Are Our Missing Limbs

We will all forget about Alex from Twitter before the close of business Friday. But for normal people in digital marketing, and consumers there are some really important things we ought to take away from this non-sense.