Diaper Research Overview

Note: The research in this section of the website was collected in the Spring of 2012 for the original "Babies Are Like Puppies" Blog. Since it is not necessary serial, each blog post has been broken into desecrate static pages. -ml

We are not even close to being done. The more research we do, the more complicated it becomes. First, we have not even begun to look at hybrid options like gDiapers. There is also a whole world of cloth diapers and diaper services.

What we do know is that there is no perfect option. At the low end, you encounter production flaws, harsh chemicals, leaks, and diaper rash. At the top end we still have to deal with harsh chemicals, leaks, and the ever present threat of diaper rash.

The biggest obstacle to our research is the blind brand loyalty and baby-care dogma. Clearly, our final choice is going to be flexible. It is unrealistic to believe that we will be able to use a single brand of diaper for the 2 or so years. What is important to us now—with 10 weeks to go—is being able to make an informed decision. Clearly we are going to have to try different diapers at differently levels of development. If we go with disposable diapers, we are filling the landfill and Prof. Dino will be so psychologically scarred that he will go to a public university school or become a lawyer (shudder the thought). If we go with cloth diapers we will have to spend the next two years doing load after load of laundry and will be chained to our home because of the difficulty of storing soiled cloth diapers.

So where does this leave us? Who knows. We are going to be doing a lot more research into hybrid and cloth diapers. It will melt our brains, but hopefully it can help you.

In the meantime—check out our diaper price guide. We will be expending and adjusting it as we compile more information.