2.3 Million

2.3 million is the number of monthly AOL Daily up subscribers.

With most expenses long paid, it's also creating an impressive amount of profit. AOL's "membership" group—which includes the dialup access business—generated about one-third of the company's $607 million in sales last quarter, but an oversized amount of its operating profit: $143 million of "adjusted OIBDA" (operating profit from its core business, before accounting adjustments), compared to $122 million total for the company.

I read once that analysts believed some percentage those still paying for AOL were doing so unknowingly. They either didn't know they had the recurring charge or falsely believed the needed to continue to pay to keep their AOL email account.

But these 2 million people are most likely people have no other option. I would love to see a county breakdown of where these subscribers lived. Love is a strong word. It would be very sad to see that map.