Tokyo Police Club - Argentine (Parts I, II, III)

"Argentine (Parts I, II, III)" is my new Jam.

I was lying on the floor of Ben Olson's apartment after a part. Drunk and tired. No one was talking. We were all waiting for something to happen. He put on Tokyo Police Club's EP A Lesson in Crime on the stereo and said "They are on my to-see list at Lollapalooza." I did that thing we all do; the "Its like X but...". A Lesson in Crime is like Weezer but about Robots apocalypse and not shy girls at the homecoming dance. Unless they are shy girls at the high school prom at robot high school.

"Argentine (Parts I, II, III)", and all off Forcefield, is the sort of Weezer-ish, Guster-ish, Harvey Danger-ish indie-pop I cannot get enough.