DecodedDC - Syria’s Considerations

I listened to DecodedDC when first launches late last year, but I some how lost track of it. Host Andrea Seabrook (formally of NPR) mixes interviews, commentary and field reporting to bring a fresh prospective to covering American politics.

"Syria’s Considerations", which was released on September 8 is a prefect example of why independent journalism is important. Seabrook does not get bogged down in the day-to-day narrative shifts and partisan infighting. Instead she looks how the United State's seeming run up to military action and how it fits into the broader context of Middle East and post World War 2. For Seabrook, There is little reason to get into the details of the currently conflict in Syria, because policy and rhetoric are shifting. By stepping back from the developing story, she can take a much longer view. To do this, Seabrook interviews Andrew Bacevich, a former colonel and professor at Boston University. In addition to serving in Vietnam and other conflicts, he lost his son to an IED in Iraq. He argues the unknowns and unintended intervention in Syria far out way the preservation of "international norms" a bombing campaign, however limited, would accomplish.