Reeder 2 for iOS Review

Reeder has been my go to RSS reader for years. It was the first full featured RSS reader I found that used Google Reader's fake API as a syncing service. It let me sync my feeds between my iPhone and Mac. It also had integrated sharing with services I was already using. I could easily share links to Facebook or Twitter, send full text emails, bookmark links in delicious, or store full text in Instapaper. Doing any of these was nearly impossible using the mobile version of Google Reader.

Last week, Silvio Rizzi released a new version, Reeder 2 for iOS. Reeder 2 still has all the amazing sharing features which made it awesome. For the first time, Reeder is a universal app, which is useful as the iPad has not had a major update in over a year.


The thing that makes Reeder (and now Reeder 2) stand out is its design aesthetic. Rizzi has done a great job taking the look and feel and bringing in design elements of iOS 7. I am very excited to see how the new app performs once the new OS launches next week.

When iOS 7 was announced, a lot of Apple Watchers and app developers worried the new design elements would be overwhelming. I think high quality apps like Reeder 2 shows that those fears may not be founded. As I write this, there is another week before iOS 7 is released. It will be interesting to see how mid-tier apps handing the transition.

Some Issues

After a few days of usage, my biggest issue is the lack of landscape view. This is a trend in iPhone app design I do not care for. Most surprising is the lack of landscape mode when in the web view.

Reeder for iOS is $4.99 on the App Store.