The Tragically Hip - Ahead By A Century (Live)

The Tragically Hip first came to my attention in 2000 around the time Music @ Work came out. There was a big feature about the band in USA Today [1]. The main point of the article was: How can a band be so good and have such a huge following in Canada but be completely unknown in the United States? 13 years nothing has changed.

Part of the reason they stayed under the radar in the 90s was “rock music” was out of fashion. If you draw a straight from REM to The National or the Black Keys you would go through The Tragically Hip.

The Hip, and this song in particular, have remained one of my favorite bands. One of the best parts of this live track is getting a chance to listen to Gord Downie's inscrutable stage banter.

  1. Why was I reading USA Today? It was also about how Phish and Widespread Panic could draw huge crowds not sell records (or get coverage by the main stream press). This is when I was deep in my Phish/Jam Band phase. I was literally the worst.  ↩