John Roderic: Punk is Bullshit (via The Seattle Weekly)

At BGSU, we would rail against students who had no options or interested. Everyone liked Family Guy Saved By The Bell and or Friends. Sometimes an adventurous 17 year old girl would confess she walked Gilmore Girls. No one take a stand and no one wanted to stand out. I think John Roderick nails it:

Punk-founded doubt and fear has directly spawned the cowardly culture of modern irony. Fear of being called out or targeted for enjoying art that doesn't meet the stringent criteria of punkness—a criteria too ineffable to codify, but pernicious and deadly to underestimate—has given us no outlet for the vagaries of our taste but to claim that we enjoy the things we love only out of mocking disdain for the awfulness we pre-emptively ascribe to them.