Kickstarter - 99% Invisible: Season 4

For the last year or so this public radio show / podcast has been the first thing I listen to when a new episode appears in my feed. Earch episode of 99% Invisible (around 20min each) focuses on the design of something. It could be as obvious as importance of an layout of streets or something hidden from view. But while these are stories about the built world, they are also human stories. Stories about the people designed them and how they effect our lives.

Roman Mars, the shows creator, is attampting to raise $150,000 in then next 29 days. This will cover the cost of the additional needed to produce the show weekly. 99% Invisible is pubic radio at its best. If you enjoy Radio Lab, This American Life or Bullseye, then you will love 99% Invisible. Below are a few episodes I think you will enjoy.