A Brief Note on Romney and Healthcare

Today Mitt Romney doubled down on his statements regarding healthcare:

"We don’t have a setting across this country where if you don’t have insurance, we just say to you, ‘Tough luck, you’re going to die when you have your heart attack,’  ” he said as he offered more hints as to what he would put in place of “Obamacare,” which he has pledged to repeal No, you go to the hospital, you get treated, you get care, and it’s paid for, either by charity, the government or by the hospital. We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance.”

Its not about being rushed to the ER after having a heart attack. Its about wellness and quality of life. Even in great hospitals or not-for-profit hospitals, medical care in the United States is driven by the bottom line. Is there charity assistance for people in need? Of course, but one has to fight for it. If you are a single parent working multiple jobs, you dont have time to set in endless lines trying to see a desk-jokey to get charity care.

Health Insurance is (or should be about) getting care before you are sick. getting regular check ups, vaccines and real follow up care. it should be above PREVENTING the heart attack, not paying for the care after the heart attack.

He is so far removed from the reality of health care in the United States that he could hardly start to give a shit. Obamacare sucks - but its what we have and its better then what we had before.

Also, stop drinking soda.