World Cup - Round of 16

In my last post I broke down my picks for World Cup group play. Tomorrow the Round of 16 gets started with two more matches. Here are my picks for the next 8 games. I will also score my Group picks.

Uruguay v South Korea: This is going to be an interesting game. Uruguay (along with all the South American teams) are on fire. But South Korea have caught everyone off guard. Well, at least Greece. My pick for this game has to be Uruguay.

United States v Ghana: USA USA USA USA. or something. It's hard to really call this one. Nate Sliver at puts this game at a toss up. Ghana has home-continent advantage, but I am not convinced that it is playing a role in this World Cup. The US team has proved that they have a lot of fight in them. They never fell apart even after being screwed out of a number of goals. Keeping with my prediction that US would make it to the semifinals.

Germany v England: Its World War II all over again. Germany wins in a blow out.

Argentina v Mexico: My heart says Mexico, my brain says Argentina. Argentina is leading South American's domination of this tournament. Argentina in shootout.

Netherlands v Slovakia: I don't think there will be a lot of drama in this match. Netherlands in an easy match.

Brazil v Chile: Same with this match. Brazil, while not as mind-blowing as they were in years past, are still very good. However, Chile has a lot to prove. But Brazil is going to make a solid run taking the home the cup.

Paraguay v Japan: Japan has a few players that can do magical things with on set pieces. Paraguay but it will be close.

Spain v Portugal: *yawn* I mean, Spain. There is so much hype around these sides, but I just cannot get myself to care. This match is like Lakers and Celtics or Yankees and Red Sox. No matters who wins, you just want both teams to go away. So, I guess Spain?