24 Day 8 Torture Count: Hour 8

Watching this week's episode of 24 one might almost think we are back in one of the early seasons. Action Jack totally killed a guy by snapping his neck with his thighs. When was the last time that happened? Fawning over the badassness of Jack Bauer is not the point of this torture discourse series. Thus, The Torture Count!

Torture Count

Official Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Terrorist Torture: Attempt 1 / success 0 / accurate 0

Bauer Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Vignette Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

In Episode 8 we had one use of torture and boy was it a big one. At the end of last week's episode, Bauer was captured by members of Red Square, a Russina/Ukrainian syndicate. Bauer tells them that he is a German arms broker. But they are do not believe this story. The think that he might be an undercover law enforcement officer. Red Square boss Sergei Bazhaev orders his enforcer Dimitri to torture Bauer until he gives up his boss. Dimitri takes Bauer to a storage room where he binds his legs and arms and suspends him from a water pipe. Dimitri uses a generator and jumper cables to electrocute Bauer into talking. When that does not work, he uses one of the electrical leads into Bauer's stab wound. Bauer pretends to black out from the pain. When Dimitri turns his back on Bauer, Jack kicks him, then uses his feet to drive the electrical leads into Dimitri, knocking him unconscious. Bauer is able to break free, then disarm and kill Dimitri with his legs and arms bound.


Right off the top one ought to note that Bauer is able to take 20 minutes of sustained torture without losing unconsciousness. It only takes Dimitri a single shock to pass out. Of course Bauer can take the torture like a man and be unfazed, even with a stab wound in his abdomen. The pain is just part of the job. It is Bauer's job to stand up for the safety of America. Dimitri, on the other hand, is just a stooge trying to make a buck. Bauer is able to push through the pain because he needs recover the nuclear material before it can be used for evil.

Other things to note. Despite what she has gone through in the last few episodes, Walker has seems to be making a surprisingly fast recovery. She has become to come out of her shock. It seems like the producers are not done with her quite yet.