24 Day 8 Torture Count: Hour 5

BOOM! Just like the old days 24 is back with a torture filled episode! The main plot did not really move forward, instead this episode focused on developing on-going storylines. Onto the Count!

Torture Count

Official Torture: Terrorist Torture: Attempt 3 / success 3 / accurate 2

Terrorist Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Bauer Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Vignette Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1

Torture Summery

The episode picks up with the Bauer/Walker storyline. Walker has cut off Ziya's (her Russian contract) thumb. When he finally comes to, he initially refuses to help Walker. She says that he will be cut in on the deal if he just helps. He continues to waffle, but Walker refuses to give him pain killers unless he helps. Finally he relents and takes Walker to see Vladimir Laitanan. It is not the torture that gets Ziya to comply, but the bribe. Another interesting point to note is Bauer's reaction throughout this encounter. He continually threatens to stop the undercover operation, but hesitates. We have a clear roll reversal from last season.

Early in Season 7, Walker rejects Bauer's use of torture but does not try to stop him, or inform her superiors at the FBI. Instead she just reluctantly goes along with him. Now, in this new season, they have flipped. In the end, Ziya goes alone with Walker, and follows through with her requests.

Ziya (Walker's contract) goes into a warehouse where his old boss hangs out. He is thrown against a wall and has a gun pushed against his head. Ziya tells them that he is there with Walker. He then brings her to

Vladimir Laitanan


Since the first episode of the season a man named

Kevin Wade

has been harassing

Dana Walsh

, a senior data analyst at CTU. She finally relents and gives him the keys to her apartment. In this episode, Wade threats to tell CTU about her past if she does not come to her apartment to see him. When she gets there Wade throws her against a wall and chokes her. He thinks she testified against him a few years before. Wade tells her that if she cannot set up him with information to pull off a large "score" of more than a million dollars using her inside information then he will expose her true identity.

I am calling this one on going as she has only agreed to help him. I am placing this one in the terrorist category because of Wade's intent. Unlike last week when we saw Officer Mazoni beat up Bauer or this week when Walker cut off the thumb of Ziya, Wade is not completely motivated by revenge. He believes that Walsh testified against him, but he is only using that to his advantage. What he really wants is information.

Josef Bazheav, a high ranking member of "Red Square" takes his dying brother to get treatment for the radiation poisoning he got while smuggling nuclear bomb parts into the country. Their father, the head of Red Square does not think he should be treated. Going against his father's wishes, Josef takes his brother to a doctor. In order to get the doctor to help his brother without telling the police, Josef threatens to kill the doctor. Additionally, Josef posts men outside the doctor's house. If the doctor fails to cure the brother, the family will be killed. The brother's outcome is not clear at the end of the episode, but the doctor begins work to cure the brother's radiation poisoning.


Unlike last week, when we saw a new category of torture emerge, we have not really seen how that is going to play out. This week there were three acts of torture committed by terrorists (or potential terrorists in the case of Wade). They do not really add much to my on-going analysis of torture. However, they do reinforce my standing arguments.