24 Day 8 Torture Count: Hour 3 and 4

After much thinking and feedback from friends, I have decided to add the vignette torture to the Torture Count.

Official Torture: Terrorist Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Terrorist Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Bauer Torture: Attempt 0 / success 0 / accurate 0

Vignette Torture: Attempt 1 / success 0 / accurate 0

In episode three, while Bauer is following Chloe's lead, He is cornered by two NYPD officers . They believe that Bauer killed the officer and woman that Davros had been torturing in the previous episode. John Mazoni, the more experienced of the two officers, is able to corner Bauer, and taze him. Once Bauer is incapacitated, he is taken down to the basement and beaten by Mazoni. Mazoni is sick of seeing "Cop-Killers" get off of technicalities. He, therefore, must make sure the killer gets his justice. Like terrorist torture scene's in the past, this one is set in the dark confines away from everything else. The unfinished basement proves many tools that Mazoni can use to terrorize Bauer. Mazoni is not interested getting information out of Bauer, he only wants to cause him pain. By exerting power over Bauer is able to recapture the power lose by seeing his friend and colleges killed in the line of duty. Like terrorists in past seasons, Mazoni tortures Bauer purely for revenge.

One final note, because Walker begins torturing her mob contact at the very end of the episode, I am going to add it to the count next week after it has time to develop.

Finally, the charts are back!