Payola in online Marketing: or Gamemine can Fuck Itself may or may not suck, but I am never going to try their service. I can across this ad on craigslist this afternoon while searching for a job. America’s fastest growing on line video gaming rental company is looking for people to write a paragraph blog on high profile sites. Need people to blog about the positive aspects of All you have to do is go to and see all revolutionary new concepts we have developed. Need people to blog on all video gaming sites. Gamemine will pay $7.00 per story you write about Great for high school and college students, mothers at home and anyone with free time who can write and understands video games.

If you are interested in earning extra money for writing, please email* for additional information.

Times are tough, I know that. I don't have a job, which is why I have am on craigslist in the first place. But this is about the sleaziest sort of marketing there is. For $7 you boost gamemine's google rating and destroy any credibility the company may has. In resent months this has become a thing in social media and marketing. Pay people to say nice things about you on there blogs, on facebook or twitter and get free stuff or money. This sort of undisclosed sponsorship has been around for years. and is is illegal Payola. As long as there has been blogs there has been this sort thing going on. But I have never seen it done in such a crass way. I will give positive reviews to products I like or restaurants I enjoy eating at. But if something sucks, I am just as likely to bitch.

But getting back to point I made at the beginning of the post. I couldn't care less whether some second rate Gamefly is trying to get some traction on google. But I am never going to use there service. Gamemine, you just lost a potential costumer and any credibility you might of ever had.

*Jeff Levy, do you really thing posting your email address was a good idea?