24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 21

If last weeks episode was entering the final stretch, this episode was the lull before the storm. that is code for the episode was boring. Anyways, the torture.

Hour 21:
Official Torture: n/a
Terrorist Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1
  • Tony and the Militia guys continue to hold and force the Pakistani man to pretend be a terrorist as cover for their plan.
  • Improvised Torture: n/a

    A mostly boring episode, the show can be so uneven sometimes. There was some good stuff between jack and janine garofalo's character about civil liberties. But Jack in his way is able to justify racial profiling and the data-mining that CTU was famous for. In the end jack wins the argument because he is jack. Anyways, three episodes left.

    Resent Seasons Total Torture: