24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 20

We are entering the home stretch of Jack Bauer's seventh worst day of his life...or something. A torture heavy for this late in the season.

Hour 19
Official Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 0
  • Tony goes to a hotel room to get the bio-weapon canister from the inside man. Tony pays him the money but the inside man does not deliver on the canister. The man tries to kill tony but the gun is knocked out is hand. after a fight, tony gets the man onto the floor of the bathroom and raps his head in a shower curtain so that he will give man will tell him where the bio weapon is hidden. Tony is able to get the info and kills the man

  • Terrorist Torture Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1
  • After failed suicide attempt, Jonas Hodges is taken into FBI custody for interrogation. Jack and the president offer a fake death certificate and the place him into witness protection for his cooperation taking down the larger conspiracy. If he does not cooperate Bauer will have the president release that he is still alive and working with the government to the press. This would result in Hodges's family being killed. Hodges tells jack that he does not know who the other people are because they worked through an anonimized system.
  • Tony along with a group of militia guys working for the conspiracy enter the home of two working class pakistani men they plan to use as cover in the upcoming bio-attack. Tony kidnaps the younger of the two and threatens holds a gun to the mans head to force him to comply. (episode cliff hanger - to be counted in next weeks episode)

  • Improvised Torture: n/a

    A note on the numbers. The second torture scene (where Tony and the militia kidnap the two Pakistani men) will clearly continue in the next episode. I am noting it here, but it will be counted in the next episode.

    Resent Seasons Total Torture: