24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 22

Jumping right into the numbers...

Hour 22:
Government Torture: n/a
Terrorist Torture: n/a
Improvised Torture: Attempt 2 / success 1 / accurate 1
  • While securing the home of the pakistani men, a terrorist is shot and severally wounded. the EMT tries to give him a shot of morphine but jack stops him. Jack then begins to question the terrorist. He asks Agent Walker to leave but she says "do what you need to do" and stays and watching Jack Torture the wounded man. The man says he doesn't know what the target is, so jack pushes his hand into the wound. the terrorist again says he does not know what the target was. Jack then asks if he has any way of contacting Tony. the terrorist says he doesn't, again jack pushes his hand into the wound. They are able to get a phone number that they call tony with. that gives then enough info to track him down
  • Bauer and Walker capture Tony. Bauer makes the guards leave him and Tony along. Bauer punches him in the face over and over again while trying to get information out of tony. however, has he does this he does not really have Tony a change to answer his questions. Bauer then pulls out his gun and puts it against tony's head and says "I don't have anything left to lose, so help me god if you don't tell me where the canister is i will lay you down right here" tony responds. "do you think i have anything left to lose?" Tony gives jack nothing but Chloe and Jeanine garofalo are able to find info on Tony's computer.
  • Resent Seasons Total Torture: