24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 11 and 12

We all know going into this weeks episode of 24 it was going to be special. We were at the time in the season when the producers kick off a new story line by running two episodes back to back. Well, "special" this week this week seems to mean so stupid it is not to be believed. The story dominating this week and at least next week is, terrorists found a way into get into the White House's basement undetected and the Secret Service is the most inept organization in the American government. Seriously. More comments after the torture count.

Hour 11
Official Torture: n/a
Terrorist Torture: n/a
Improvised (Bauer) Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 0
  • After discovering that Ryan Burnett was working for Juma, Bauer tracks him down inside the whitehouse. He incapacitates Burnett with a tazer, ties Bauer up continues to shock Burnett counting down the number of charges it has left. Bauer wants Burnett to give up information about where Juma's next target is. Burnett tries to stop Bauer by saying "just tell me what you want me to say and i will say it." But bauer will not take that and shokes him with a higher charge. Bauer says that he can tell when someone is lying under duress. Bauer gets some info but not a location. The Secret serive blow down the door before Bauer can get any more info. As we have seen in past seasons, the only reason that Bauer failed to get the information he needed was because someone who "know better" intervened in the interrogation.

  • Hour 12
    Official Torture: n/a
    Terrorist Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1
  • After the terrorists under Juma get into the white house and corner the president in a safe room. The tie her daughter to a chair and threaten to cut out each eye. The president forces Bauer to open the door and turns her self over the the terrorists

  • Improvised (Bauer) Torture: n/a

    I can not stress enough just how awful this story line is. It really does not make one bit of scene. We have seen enough episodes of West Wing, 24 and random documentaries on the Discovery channel to know that the president is surrounded by a dozen Secret Service Agents in normal times (not to mention toe Marine detail). But on a day when the First Gentleman was kidnapped, there were three terrorist acts within the Untied States and the american military had just invaded one would expect the president to not be working in the oval office. We know from past seasons that the 24 version of the white house has a huge complex of underground bunkers that the president can work from. Continuity aside, THE TERRORISTS BROKE INTO THE WHITE HOUSE THROUGH THE CITY'S SEWER SYSTEM! Could this of been a more hacky and pointless bit of writing.

    Next, throughout tonight's first hour the president weights the value of torture. She laments at one point "Torture was originally intended for get faults confessions, now we use it find the truth" when she tries to figure out what she is going to do with Bauer. Later in that same scene, she and her chief of staff discuss how Bauer (who is a hero is going to go to jail, while Ryan Burnett (a traitor and a terrorist) is going get immunity and go free.

    Obviously, this is part of the program's producers heavy handed attempt at justifying torture. If the president would of let Bauer to what he was so good at, none of the following events would of happened. The terrorists would not of been able to break into the white house, they would not of been able to corner the president and Bauer in a safe room, the terrorists would not of been able to torture the president's daughter, and the president would not of had to turn herself over the the terrorists. Bauer is once again let off the hook for his crimes. He is forgiven because the audience gets to see what happens when Bauer is unable to extract the correct information from Burnett.

    One final note. During the night's first episode, Tony tells Bauer that his source they cannot get more information because he is dead. This is enough evidence for me to move the count over the the improvised column. The charts have been modified to reflect this change.

    Resent Seasons Total Torture: