24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 13 and 14

I am, at this point, count the weeks until this season of 24 is over. Two seasons of go I was in love. They seemed to be able to nail the formal so well that there was never a boring moment. But after the trainwreck that was last half of Season Six and needless shark-jumping of the last weeks watching the show has become more of a chore then something I look forward to each Monday. Anyways, I was on vacation last week so this weeks post covers the last two episodes.

Hour 13:Official Torture: Attempt 1 / success 0 / accurate 0

  • Under Orders from the president, Agent Moss takes Bauer to the hospital to interrogate Ryan Burnett to find out who Juma was getting info from. Bauer is under stricked orders to not harm Burnett in any way. Bauer just has to be in the room for Burnett to say that he will give up information. However, before he tells Bauer anything an assassin enters the room, knocks out Bauer and kills Burnett, then frames Bauer for the death.

  • Terrorist Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1

  • Juma executes one of the hostages - then threatens to execute more if the president does not read a statement to the president does not read a statement about the crimes she has committed against his country. She reads the a statement live on an internet feed.

  • Improvised (Bauer) Torture: n/a

    For the first time since the 4th episode we see the official use of torture. Bauer is sent by the president's chief of staff (against the better judgment of the FBI) to see if he can get any more information out of Ryan Burnett. The FBI, who is over seeing Bauer, puts limits on what he is allowed to do. Hamstrung by beuorocracy, Bauer cannot use his own methods. Before he can get any info from Burnett as assassin is able to take advantage of the FBI's management structure, stun Bauer and kill Burnett. Given his druthers, Bauer would of been able to enter the room and quickly extract the info from Burnett he nearly got before the president shut him down.

    Hour 14:
    Official Torture: n/a
    Terrorist Torture n/a
    Improvised (Bauer) Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1

  • Jack Bauer stabs then questions the assassin for information about the forthcoming biological attack. The assassin dies before giving Bauer info, but his cellphone has a text message with a lead.

    Nothing to amazing in this episode. Overall, the producers are continuing to to bend over backwards to make a case for torture. The logic is just becoming tortured. In last weeks episode, FBI agent Walker says something like "I think his [Bauers] methods are wrong but he has been right every time. If we would of just got out of his way, maybe none of this would of happened."

    The torture count this week ticks up 1 in each column. As you can see in the second charge, just past the halfway mark in the season this season has has more uses of torture then in each of the last two seasons.

    Next the torture totals from Season 5, 6 and 7 for some context.