24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 10

This weeks episode rapped of the first of the seasons arc, and set up the second. Two uses of torture in the episode.

Official Torture: Attempt [1] / success [1] / accurate [1]

  • Tony tortures a source of screen and gives Bauer information about an impending terror attack. Tony's information is sketchy and Bauer does not react right away. I am putting this in the Official Torture category for clearly because I am not putting this into the official count. It happened off screen, and we cannot be sure what happened. If we would of seen what Tony torture his source, this would go into the "Bauer Torture" category.*

Terrorist Torture: n/a

Bauer Torture: Attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1

  • Bauer has EMT's withhold medical help for Dubaku until gives info. Bauer also threatens to hunt down his son and kill him. Dubaku tells Bauer that the info in hidden on his body. Bauer has EMT's make an incision and finds a computer chip under the skin. Withholding medical treatment is one of Bauers classic methods for getting information.

As I said before this was a transition episode in the show. The episode continues the decline of Agent Walkers's mental state. She pulled a gun on Bauer when he tried to stop her from helping Dubaku's girlfriend (whom Walker and Bauer had flipped). Walker confronts Bauer about his ability to ignore the pain and suffering he has causued in his life. Bauer tells her that if she can not learn to leave with what she has done, that she needs to quite. In Bauer's mind, if you can not do "The Right Thing" to save America that one has no business trying.

* A more accurate way of describing "Bauer Torture" would be Improvised Torture. Clearly this is the primary domain of Bauer, but when a character like Tony is involved, the definition must be widened. This is the first time in a long time that Bauer was not directly involved in the torture. Given that and it taking place off screen, I am going to place it in the "official torture" section, but not change the torture count.


Resent Seasons Total Torture: