24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 23 & 24

There was not torture in last nights season finally of 24, so the torture count from Season 7 stands as follows:

Official Torture: Terrorist Torture: Attempt 3 / success 2 / accurate 1
Terrorist Torture: Attempt 13 / success 10 / accurate 9
Improvised Torture Attempt 9 / success 8 / accurate 6

In Chart form that looks like this:

There were a total of 25 instances of torture in during this season (that is just shy twice as many as there were last season). I am not totally sure of what to make of this season. As I have written a few times, some characters (SA Walker) has put herself through many logical loops trying to justify the actions of Jack Bauer. She defended his methods repeatedly. Other times she has emulated Jack. But at the end of the episode while on his death bed, Jack tries to make amens for all of the horrors he has caused. While there was some slight double talk in his death bed confession, the interesting part of this scene was who he was confessing too. He had asked to see the Imam from a few episodes back.

As interesting as the torture count was this season, I think more interesting is who this season's villains turned out to be. After most of the season fight against a group of a warlord from Sub-Saharan Africa, it turns out that Jumba was nothing more than a front for a group of shady American arms developers. Bauer makes it his dying mission to expose the wider conspiracy. This has been a main feature of the last few season. The Brotherhood of the Blue-Tooth were playing the Russian separatists in Season 5 and Jack's brother and father helped get the terrorists the suit-case nukes in Season 6. But at the end of this season we learned that "The Circle" was running both of operations.