24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 5

Not a lot of action in tonight's episode.

Hour 5:
Official Torture: n/a
Terrorist Torture: Attempt 3 / success 2 / accurate 2

  • Anderson beats up and threatens to Matobo's body guard if he and his wife do not leave the panic room. FBI calls before he can be shoot. Body guard is knocked out. They do not get any information from him.
  • Jack, Tony and Anderson try to gas out Matobo and his wife. Wife freaks out and opens the door at the last moment.
  • 1st Husband's Secret Service agent drugs the 1st husband's coffee, takes the files

  • Bauer Torture: n/a

    I am calling Jack and Tony's plan to gas out the Prime Minster "terrorist torture" because they are working under cover. Additionally, it seems like the situation with the first husband and his son's ex-girlfriend is still developing, but it seems like they are going to frame him for the death of the girl. I do not think that will increase the torture count in any way.

    Season 7 Total Torture:

    Resent Seasons Total Torture: