24 Day 7 Torture Count: Hour 1 and 2

24 is back and that means so is the torture count. I am letting Torture in Pop Culture die because, frankly, I am paying for this website so I might as well do something useful with it. Anything that might of posted there can now be found on this blog and my delicious.com feed under the torture tag. As always, please excuse the snark and lack of names.

I am using the same rubric I used during season 5 and 6 to count. Anything that might violate the UN convention on torture is torture. Anytime the person being tortures gives up any information, that is a success. Finally, accurate information is any bit of information gotten through torture that is correct. The final entry may change as the program goes on since the accuracy of the information might not clear right away An example: Bauer tortures a suspect to get information about where bomb is located. The terrorist tells him that the bomb is located in a mall. Bauer and CTU go to the mall, there is no bomb there. Instead the bomb goes off in a subway station. This would be counted as attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 0. Brackets around the numbers indicate possible torture acts. I do not count them in the total. In these cases I have to go back and rewatch the scene before making the call. If I determine that it is not torture, they remain in brackets as a place holder, is it is torture the brackets are removed and the total will be updated.

Hour 1:
Official Torture: n/a
Terrorists Torture:
attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 1

  • Michael Lethem kidnapped and forced to make some techo widget to fuck with Air Traffic national infrastructure. He does it.

Bauer Torture: attempt 1 / success 1 / accurate 0

  • Jack and FBI chick go to talk to one of Jack’s old contacts as they track to track down Tony. When he does not give up info, FBI chick subdues contacts body guard and Bauer moves to dig contacts eye out with knife. he talks, but before he can give up info contact and body guard are killed by sniper.

Hour 2:
Official Torture: n/a
Terrorists Torture: n/a
Bauer Torture: attempt [1] / success [1] / accurate [1]

  • POSSIBLE: Bauer puts a gun the the snipers head, punches him a few time trying to get info about tony, FBI chick stops him before he goes to far. Does not get any info, but does not really need any.

Official Torture: 0 / 0 / 0
Terrorist Torture 1 / 1 / 1
Bauer Torture 1 / 1 / 0