Jenny McCarthy's Dangerus Views

Michael Specter has the first and last word on Jenny McCarthy.

McCarthy now claims that her son was cured after being put on a gluten-free diet and subjected to chelation therapy, which extracts metals from the body. There has never been a verified scientific report that chelation therapy, a gluten-free diet, or anything else can cure autism.

So, you know, irony.

Still, the benefits for society so powerfully outweigh the risks that suggesting otherwise is irresponsible at best. It spreads fear and incites the type of ignorance that makes people sick. That is exactly what McCarthy has been doing. By preaching her message of scientific illiteracy from one end of this country to the other, she has helped make it possible for people to turn away from rational thought. And that is deadly.

3 million people watch the view each day. And while it might not be paragon on journalism, it is popular forum of debate over public policy.