Why Babies Are Like Dogs: A Pre-Parenting Thesis

Babies are pretty much the same things as Dogs. Well—maybe not dogs as much as puppies. Think about it

  1. Both Babies and Puppies make a lot of noise
  2. Neither Babies nor Puppies know how to talk
  3. Both Babies and Puppies poop all the time [1]
  4. Both Babies and Puppies are super cute

I think that sums it up. I am (mostly) joking of course. Babies have far less hair.

When wife and I found out she was she pregnant my first reaction was to go buy books. By both have advanced degrees and are obsessive nerds. If their Important information that we need to go know to be good parents, it is going to be in a book shelved in the “Parenting” section of Barns & Noble. But it turned out the books written for first time fathers were roundly terrible. They all seemed to be written for sitcom husbands and doofuses. It seems like their might be some great books for fathers with young kids (like Geek Dad) but those books are for the future.

So I am left bookless—and babies are still like puppies. After 3 years my dog is still alive. I am going to stick with what I know.

  1. And I have to clean it up.  ↩